Fidget Spinner Kit - Ball Bearing

Fidget Spinner Ball Bearing for DY Fidget Spinners.

Low-friction ball bearing of the type: "627 ZZ" is ideal for a homemade Fidget Spinners.

For the project we recommend 100 g Hard Shape, (with 100 g Hard Shape you can make 3-4 Fidget Spinners). Or a Starter Kit, then you can also make Fidget Spinners with cool colors.

Ball Bearings Dimensions:

Outer Diameter: 22 mm
Inner Diameter: 7 mm
Wide: 7 mm

Note that the ball bearing is lubricated with a grease inside and that the ball bearing spins better if the grease is cleaned out with e.g. petrol and replaced with thin oil, for example. WD40.