Product Information

What is AnyShape?

Basically, AnyShape is soft and feels like modelling wax when it is warm and is rock hard when it cools down. We have two types of AnyShape; Hard Shape & Soft Shape. You can add different colors to these two types of AnyShape.

AnyShape is perfect for Hobby and DIY projects!

There are many ways to make shapes and figures, such as silicone casting, epoxy casting, and shaping with Sanit. Compared to these methods, AnyShape has some clear advantages that are worth mentioning:

  • It can be re-shaped as many times as you need. Of course there is a limit, but you will get worn out, before AnyShape does.
  • It is easy, quick and fun to use.
  • You only need hot water & your bare hand to shape it.
  • It does not contain any dangerous substances. No phthalate, parabens, or perfume.
  • You can use and color it as you wish without getting the whole house messy.
  • It gets extremely hard when it cools down, so you can process it with a knife or a drilling machine.
  • No dangerous substances are released, when it gets hard.
  • It is bio-degradable.

As you can see, AnyShape is a unique plastic material that gives you the opportunity to improve and adjust existing products, make your own inventions, repair things that have broken, or make your own jewelry. It could be your favorite fishing rod that needs a customized grip, or a toy plane for your nephew or another interesting project. See our page with Projects & Inspiration.

What can AnyShape not do?

Even though AnyShape is a brilliant material, it has its limitations like everything else.

It is important to understand that AnyShape is a plastic product that softens when heated to more than 60 degrees C, because this fact sets some natural boundaries for the product. You should not put your creations in the dishwasher or put it in the windshield of your car on a sunny day - It will melt or deform.

Apart from heat, there are only a few things that can damage your creations. AnyShape is a very tough and stiff material, but it can still tear og dent like any other plastic.

AnyShape is bio-degradable, which means that microbes (certain bacteria) will break down AnyShape over time time if they come in contact with your creation. Therefore, you should not build a holder for your compost using AnyShape, as it will not last long.

AnyShape cannot stand UV-light. UV-light is generally hard on a lot of materials and AnyShape is not an exception. AnyShape will get brittle and porous in a matter of a few years if it is exposed to UV-light. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use AnyShape for things that are meant to last forever.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet.