Hard- & Soft Shape & Color


All our products are CE marked and comply with the applicable rules, including the EU directive 'EN 71 PART 3:2013 Safety of toys'! Furthermore, all of our basis colors (Black, Red, Green, White, Blue, Yellow) are approved for contact with food! This means that they are FDA approved referring to CFR 21 § 178.3297.

Hard- & Soft Shape

AnyShape is sold in two variants; Soft Shape & Hard Shape that can be mixed or stuck together.

The terms Hard or Soft do not have anything to do with how hard or soft AnyShape is in solid form at room temperature. The difference is more important when AnyShape is heated, because in this case Soft Shape is more liquid and sticky than Hard Shape is.

  • Hard Shape: Keeps the shape better when warm and is more durable when kneaded.
  • Soft Shape: Becomes more liquid and is good for moulding and children's use as it is softer when warm.

The warmer AnyShape is, the more liquid it gets, but it never gets so liquid that you can pour it into a form. Be careful with heating it too much because it sticks to more things, the more liquid it gets and you may get burned.

Look at our YouTube channel where we have a video that demonstrates  the difference between Soft Shape and Hard Shape.


AnyShape Neon Colour

All the colors in our shop are concentrated color powders mixed in Hard Shape, and therefore the color is completely mixable with a large lump of either Hard or Soft Shape. The colors are mixed in Hard Shape because it can be harmful to breathe in the concentrated color powder and it also keeps the color from coming off ;-).

The colors are quite strong, so it is recommended that you begin with a mixing ratio of 1 to 100 in weight (about 10 pieces of color for 10 grams of AnyShape, 1 piece of color weights about 0,01 grams of AnyShape). Be aware that there is a difference between how strong the individual colors are. The effectiveness of a color depends on:

  • How well it is mixed in a lump of AnyShape.
  • If the color in question is neutralized by the white AnyShape, such as the black color.
  • If there are air bubbles in the lump (to get a nice and smooth result, bubbles must be avoided)
  • The thickness of your creation - If you stretch out the AnyShape, it almost becomes see-through.

We have purposely not made the colors too strong, because it makes it easier to dose them and disperse in a larger lump of AnyShape.

The colors can also be mixed together and give endless color options in all the rainbow's colors. See how  here.  - "Let your imagination run free and try it out!"

Colour Pallete

All our basic colors (Black, Red, Green, White, Blue, Yellow) are approved for contact with food. This means they are FDA approved referring to CFR 21 § 178.3297.