The company AnyShape ApS

Who is AnyShape ApS?

AnyShape ApS is a Danish-owned company that originates from a company that has worked with customer-specific solutions in areas like production and electricity since 2007, and the focus has always been on meeting the individual customer’s needs. Therefore, if you have questions or you think there are some products missing in our online store then we would like to hear from you.

We address both private and business customers - Everyone is welcome here.

If you have any question or you want to contact us go to the Contact page or FAQ.

Our Products

AnyShape and the associated colors are inspired by the revolution of unica production, which is primarily driven by laser cutting and 3D print. Just like these high-tech production methods, AnyShape gives the user the opportunity to make their own customized solution, though in a simplified manner. Se how to on our Instructions page.

We will allow ourselves to state that AnyShape is the world's fastest and perhaps cheapest 3D print. However, it is not always the most precise method.

Why the "World's Cheapest" 3D Print?!

Software = 0 DKK, Hardware = 0 DKK, expenditure on materials = 250 DKK per kg. It is that simple.

Why the World's Fastest?!

AnyShape can be considered to be a simple form of 3D print, where you do not need to spend several hours in front of a computer, drawing your model in an expensive CAD program and then afterwards wait for it to finish printing from an expensive printer with high operation costs. With AnyShape you can easily and quickly shape your model by hand and if it does not turn out as expected, you can always reheat it and adjust the model. You can also quickly replicate existing forms.

The material AnyShape even resembles the materials used in some 3D printers, such as MakerBot.

Read more about the product at Product information.