Tips & Tricks

Look at our  YouTube Channel to watch videos on how to shape, heat and color AnyShape.

Heating AnyShape

Normally, we recommend that you heat AnyShape in boiling water, because this is the easiest way to heat AnyShape. However, you can also heat AnyShape in other ways:

  • In a regular oven
  • With a fan heater/ hair dryer
  • In a microwave (do not do this with AnyShape that has already been in water)

Be careful when you heat AnyShape using these methods without water! AnyShape can get very hot very quickly and stick to things.


You can mix all the colors that can be purchased in our web shop.

Our colors are color pigments mixed into AnyShape, which results in some advantages:

  • No mess
  • User friendly
  • Easy to dose
  • Infinite number of color combinations

See our  color mixing instructions or general information about colors.


You can design AnyShape in many different ways. For example you can:

  • Heat it while it is placed in a shape
  • Use cookie cutter shapes
  • Squeeze it around an object
  • Roll it out flat using a rolling pin
  • Make plates with a pasta maker

The possibilities are endless and when you have shaped two different things you can put them together by heating both things again. Heat each creation at the point where you want to attach them to each other, squeeze them together and wait until the AnyShape cools down again.