Shipping, Prices & Conditions

Practical Information

This is a short version of  Terms and Conditions of Sales and Delivery for Trading with AnyShape ApS...

We are governed by the Danish law regarding e-commerce, which gives ordinary customers a 14-day right of cancellation for unopened packaging and a 2-year warranty.

Generally, if you are unhappy with your purchase then contact us and we will figure out a solution together.


Unfortunately, we do not take Dankort... BUT VisaDankort is perfectly fine :-). Additionally, we accept Master Card, VISA, MobilePay (Only Danish Phones).

The payment service are handled / provided by two leading danish payment services and,if you want to know more please contact us.


We only ship to adresses in Europe, including Greenland.

Typical Delivery Time: 1-7 business working days in Denmark and 3-7 days for other EU countries.

Note! Possibility of free shipping for orders over 350.00 kr in Denmark, or 700.00 kr in other EU countries. The cheapest shipping is used, typically PostNord Parcel Shipping.

You can choose different delivery modes with PostNord (Danish National post):

  • Danish B Shipping - Letter:
    • B Brev (max. 50 g) - 10.00 kr
    • B Brev (max. 100 g) - 20.00 kr
    • B Brev (max. 250 g) - 40.00 kr
    • B Brev (max. 2000 g) - 60.00 kr
  • Danish Shipping - Parcel:
    • Pakkepost Uden Omdeling (0-0,5 kg.) - 33.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Uden Omdeling (0,5-1 kg.) - 40.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Uden Omdeling (1-2 kg.) - 42.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Uden Omdeling (2-5 kg.) - 45.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Uden Omdeling (5-10 kg.) - 48.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Med Omdeling (0-0,5 kg.) - 51.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Med Omdeling (0,5-1 kg.) - 56.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Med Omdeling (1-2 kg.) - 58.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Med Omdeling (2-5 kg.) - 60.00 kr
    • Pakkepost Med Omdeling (5-10 kg.) - 65.00 kr
  • Greenland Shipping: Prices from 50.00 kr. (See checkout)
  • Other EU countries: Prices from 50.00 kr.

Shipping is charged at check-out. E.g. Try our Shipping cost calculator, it is found at the bottom of your shopping cart.

  • Note that the weight of the delivery is determined based on the weight of the product + the weight of the packaging (about 30 grams).


    All prices on the website are given in DKK and include 25% VAT unless else stated, Please note that it is possible to change the currency of the page.

    Business customers outside of Denmark must have a special agreement to deduct the VAT charge.

    Limitation of Liability

    AnyShape ApS is not liable for your use of our products. AnyShape ApS is not liable if you are hurt when shaping AnyShape, e.g. if you make a hammer out of AnyShape and hit yourself on your fingers, etc.