Is AnyShape Edible?

AnyShape is CE marked and approved for children's toys and has been through tests to determine what happens chemically if a child swallows a lump of AnyShape. Our basic colors are all approved for contact with food, our neon colors are not approved for food contact.

Even though it is not toxic, AnyShape is not meant to be eaten! And if this happens, it can be dangerous due to the shape, which may have sharp edges or cause suffocation.

Can AnyShape Burn?

Yes, it can (and pretty well), but it is in a group of materials that are harder to set on fire. Therefore, you must be careful if you heat AnyShape in an open fire.

Technically, AnyShape has a flash point at 275° C and cannot stand being heated to more than 200° C.

Sales to the public (EAN invoice)?

We can do this, but it requires that you send an email to us.

Can I make discount agreements when bulk buying?

Yes, you can if you have a CVR number. Contact us and we will figure something out.

Is AnyShape really Bio-degradable?

Yes, it is. Rumor has it that it is " Proteobacteria", which is the process, but we have not examined this ourselves. If you have experience with this we would like to hear from you.

The data we have indicate that AnyShape breaks down after about 40 days, which of course depends on the thickness of AnyShape.

What does AnyShape stick to and what not?

If it is very warm (and dry) as it is after being heated in a microwave, then it will stick to almost ANYTHING (but not your hands). But when it cools down again, it will most often let go of most smooth surfaces, such as glas, metal, kitchen counter, and some other types of plastic. AnyShape generally sticks best if both surfaces are warm. AnyShape's adhesiveness can be reduced with water, vaseline or oil.

Below is a table that hopefully gives you an overview. Note that the table is only guiding and if you are in doubt, do your own tests!

Adhesiveness Table
  Cold (20°C) - Before heating up Warm (60°C) - Wet Warm (60°C) - Dry Very Warm (100°C) - Wet Very Warm (100°C) - Dry Cold (20°C) - After heating up
Your hands * * * * ** *
Your nails * * ** ** *** **
AnyShape * ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Glas & Metal * * ** *** ***** **
Wood * * * ** **** *
Leather / Textile * *** **** **** ***** ****
Plastic Wrap * * * * ** *
Baking paper * * * * ** *

***** - Does not stick
***** - Sticks a little
***** - Pretty well
***** - Really well
***** - Extremely well


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