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AnyShape is a Moldable Plastic that you can shape with your hands. AnyShape is similar to the other brands at the marked Polymorph, Friendly Plastic, Instamorph, Shapelock etc.

A major difference between AnyShape and other Moldable Plastic materials is that AnyShape is CE marked and approved as a toy for kids. Our colors are safe to use, because they are not in loose powder form (it can be harmful to breathe in concentrated color powder). The colors we use are also CE marked and some are even approved for contact with food.

To use a thermoplastic material like AnyShape - Heat in hot water to 60° C, until the plastic gets soft, and then shape it with your bare hands. Once the plastic gets cold it will transform back in to hard and strong plastic.

Where to buy AnyShape

You can buy the AnyShape Plastic Pellets / Plastic Granulate here in our shop.

Be aware that we sell two variants of AnyShape - Soft Shape and Hard Shape. Read about the difference here.

Shipping & Delivery

We ship you order to all of Europe at a cheap international shipping cost. Follow this link to see our shipping cost and expected delivery times.