Color Kit (Color Concentrate)

A Color Kit contains 6 bags with 5 grams of colored AnyShape i hver. The kit contains the following basis colors: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue. See how you mix the color.

The colors are very concentrated and last very long. 5 grams is enough to color about 200 grams of AnyShape. Begin by carefully adding small pieces of color to a lump of AnyShape. For example use 4 pieces of colored AnyShape for 10 grams of AnyShape. You must be aware that this mixing ratio only applies if the color is thoroughly mixed with AnyShape. Also, expect to use a little more color if you want a stronger color.

All of our products are CE market and approved for children's' toys. Furthermore, our basic colors are approved for contact with food. See detailed information about the products.

All the colors in our shop are concentrated color powders mixed in Hard Shape, and therefore the color is completely mixable with a large lump of either Hard or Soft Shape.

The colors are mixed in Hard Shape because it can be harmful to breathe in the concentrated color powder, and this also keeps the color from coming off ;-).

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