AnyShape Reuse - 50 % Discount - 450 g

AnyShape Reuse is Plastic Recycling, which typically consists of AnyShape that has previously been heated in connection with one of our inhouse projects.

Reuse is of AnyShape type 'Hard Shape' and is sold in 450 g packs. 

AnyShape Reuse may contain minor impurities (small black dots less than 2 mm), but is as good as ordinary AnyShape that has previously been heated, and the coolness of AnyShape is that you can shape it again ;-)

AnyShape Reuse can be a little difficult to heat up in water as it can consist of large lumps. Therefore, we recommend heating on a piece of baking paper in either microwave oven (100% boost a 30 sec.) Or hot air oven (100 degrees) until the AnyShap has become transparent.

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