Build your own homemade Fidget Spinner

Design og Lav Din Egen Fidget Spinner

How to make your own super fast DIY Fidget Spinner and beat your friends in spinning for the longest time ...

For the project we recommend one
Starter Kit and one or more Fidget Spinner Bearings.

Project time approx. 30-60 min.

Preliminary work: Clean the grease out of the ball bearing with benzine or the like.

1) Heat about 30 g AnyShape (Hard Shape) in the microwave oven until all the AnyShape balls become transparent. 30-50 sec. at 100% (Beware that the AnyShape can get really hot).

  Heat AnyShape

  2) Roll out a rod of about 5-8 mm in diameter and cut / tear it into 4 pieces of 8 cm.

Role Soft Moldit

3) Roll the four equal rods around each ball bearing and fit the AnyShap evenly by rolling the ball bearing on the side.

Heat Polymorph

Tip: Has AnyShapen been so cold that it does not stick together, then warm it up again with a hair dryer or heater.


4) If the Anyshape still are transparent and sticking, you can just put the 4 ball bearings together and form the shape of your new Fidget Spinner. If not, then heat up locally with a heater. Let the Fidget Spider rest and cool down till the AnyShape has become completely white and hard.

Home Made Fidget Spinner

5) In the meanwhile, make the two finger pads and the rod for the center of the ball bearing.

Center Peice

6) Heat the center rod and squeeze it into the center ball bearing. Carefully put the two end pads and let it cool down while making sure it keeps the shape while the Fidget Spinner gets cold.

Fidget Spinners

Congratulations on your very own Fidget Spinner - And if you're not satisfied, just start over by peeling out the ball bearings and restarting.

Try to make the Spinner bigger and heavier, add colors, what's fastest with steel wire or ball bearing.

Tips. Just try to make a spinner with a piece of steel wire instead of ball bearings or nuts at the ends.