AnyShape figures made in the oven

AnyShape figurer lavet i ovnen

AnyShape can also be heated in an oven or microwave. Here we have spread out some Soft Shape on a plate and in a muffin cup to create some cool shapes when the AnyShape pieces melt together

See the video about the project here:

The video was made by Jørgen Clevin Style. Here is a short explanation:

  • First we mix some color with the AnyShape to "thin" it (heat in the microwave to be able to mix the colors into the AnyShape).
  • Then we roll it with a thin bar in order to cut it into small, colored pieced.
  • The pieces are placed in the muffin cup so they just cover the bottom of the cup. Then the AnyShape is heated in the microwave.
  • Lastly, it may be necessary to change the shape a little if all the pieces have not melted together.
  • A tip: you can heat your figure again with the muffin cup to create softer edges.

PS: In the video we use a heart-shaped muffin cup, but you can choose any shape you want by arranging the pieces of AnyShape in your desired shape on a plate or the like.

Enjoy! ;-)