24 juni 2015


One of our customers asked on Facebook if it is possible to make fangs out of AnyShape. You can and good suggestion by the way :-)

We chose to make them from about 2 grams of Soft Shape, as it is easier to shape around things.

PS. Do not use too much, because you risk looking like a vampire with an overbite.

And remember that it is not harmful to have AnyShape in your mouth (but it is not food).

Hugtænder - Fangs Dracula tænder

Ferie Lukket frem til 1. august

Vi holder ferie lukket frem til 1. august 2023 :-)

Du er velkommen til at kigge dig omkring, men det er ikke muligt at tilføje vare til din kurv.

Har du spørgsmål til tidligere ordre kan vi kontaktes på

Vi ses 1. august.