Fishing lure

18 februar 2015


Lars made his own fishing lure with a hook and everything.

"... I twisted som led wire around a long nail and then formed the AnyShape around the led wire and nail. When the "body" had hardened, I was abel to pull the nail out again, so there was room for a line. Unfortunately, it lies a little too high in the water, so more weight is needed next time."

Thank you for your nice picture; it definitely looks like something a big fish will eat :-)

Ferie Lukket frem til 1. august

Vi holder ferie lukket frem til 1. august 2023 :-)

Du er velkommen til at kigge dig omkring, men det er ikke muligt at tilføje vare til din kurv.

Har du spørgsmål til tidligere ordre kan vi kontaktes på

Vi ses 1. august.