Repairing a headlight on a car

11 marts 2015

Reparation af forlygte til bil

Torben sent a picture of how he replaced a broken tap that helps keep the headlight attached to the car.

"... Unfortunately, the plastic from the headlight and AnyShape are not mixable (it will not combine when heated), but luckily it is easy to form the AnyShape so it sticks to the edges and cracks when it hardens. It turns out that it is quite effective!"

Thank you for your letter, Torben. It is good to know that the two types of plastic do not combine. This knowledge may be useful in other situations... I assume that the 5 grams of AnyShape saved you a 1000 DKK or what it may cost to get a new headlight.

Ferie Lukket frem til 1. august

Vi holder ferie lukket frem til 1. august 2023 :-)

Du er velkommen til at kigge dig omkring, men det er ikke muligt at tilføje vare til din kurv.

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