Repairing an Aqua Fitness belt

27 januar 2016

Aqua Fitness bælte reperation

AnyShape can also repair an Aqua Fitness/Aqua Jogging belt that is broken.

Helen asked us for advice and guidance on how she could fix her belt on which a plastic holder was broken.

We gave her the following advice:

  1. Add black color to 10 grams of Hard Shape and roll it into a small bar that fits in the hole.
  2. Control that length and width fit.
  3. Heat one end and squeeze till it is flat like the head of a nail.
  4. Heat a little lump of AnyShape, which will shape the head of the other end.
  5. Put the first bar into the hole and heat the headless end with a heater and squeeze the warm lump onto it and shape the last head.

Voila and the belt is as good as new. Thank you for the pictures Helen.

2016-01-27 Aqua Fitness Belt Rep 2016-01-27 Aqua Fitness Belt Rep 2016-01-27 Aqua Fitness Belt Rep Aqua Fitness Belt RepAqua Fitness Belt Rep

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