The Green Button - Saint Patrick's Day

17 marts 2016

Den Grønne knap - Saint Patrick's Day

In connection with Saint Patrick's Day, one of our Norwegian customers in Bergen invented a button that makes everything green (or just about everything).

Stian writes:

In connection with Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland's national day, they illuminated all different buildings in green at the same time.

In Bergen we have colored a TV mast on Ulriken and it changes to the color green when the famous button is pressed.

The button was not connected to anything, it was all a gimmick (they pressed the button at an agreed-upon time, and then the person who was on the mast changed the lighting to green) and it worked really well.

The Green Bottom front The Green Botton Back

Since the button is usually quite large on the back, it took some AnyShape to adjust the button and build in some small batteries.The Green Botton Diagram

We cannot find any pictures from Bergen, but here are a few nice examples from that day.

The Green Botton Potpori

Ferie Lukket frem til 1. august

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