Repairing a kitchen cabinet door - Chipboard

Reparation af Køkkenlåge - Spånplade

Simple but effective repair work of a kitchen cabinet door, where the chipboard was broken and the hinge could not stick.

A nice description of Ole's latest AnyShape project - simple but effective... Also look at our suggestion at the bottom, where you avoid using a power router.

We recommend 250 g Soft Shape for the project which can be purchased here.

Ole writes:

One of our kitchen cabinet doors was broken on one side, because the screw had loosened itself from the hole in the chipboard. The procedure was as follows:

 1) Mark with a cross where the old hole was (important!)

 Spånplade reparation

2) Make a conic shaped hole with a power router (got one in December that has already been used plenty of times). I think it is an advantage if the hole is not perfectly round, because it helps avoid the clump of AnyShape sliding around in the hole.

 Fiks Køkkenlåge

Rep Tool Låge

3) Press the AnyShape (Hard Shape) into the hole so it is just slightly above the edge of the hole (you want to add a little too much, because it shrinks in size when it cools down).

 Reparer Køkkenlåge

4) Cut the excess AnyShape off with a Stanley knife or the like, so it is level with the surface.

 Køkkenlåge hænger

5) Mark the cross in the AnyShape lump and drill a hole that the screw will fit in. Make sure to remove the AnyShape from the drill, as it "takes root" when/if the drill get warm...

 Køkkenlåge hængsel fikset

... and voila, the cabinet door is as good as new (actually a little better)!


Really cool project, Ole!

For those of you that do not have a power router, you can "dig" a hole in the chipboard with a screw driver or something similar. Then heat some Soft Shape at 100 degrees Celcius in the oven, and push it into the hole with a spatula or knife.